This is a gallery of field plots for more than 530 multiple star systems. Collectively, the charts illustrate the diversity of forms that have been identified. Individually, the charts can be used to identify faint components at the eyepiece.

In most cases, the star icons have a constant size and represent position only. The systems indicated with an asterisk (*) use magnitude icons to convey the mass structure.

Field orientation has been reversed, left to right, to match the image orientation in a telescope used with a mirror diagonal. North is at the top, and position angle increases in a clockwise direction (diagram, below).

Note that the field diameter varies from 1 to 13.3 arcminutes, depending on the angular scatter of the system. Components wider than 300 arcseconds are usually excluded, both to retain a good display of the inner members and because stars at that distance are highly likely to be optical rather than physical members of the system.

last revised 11.30.13