Your core personality is probably Enneagram Type 1, the IDEALIST, also known as the PERFECTIONIST or the BUSYBODY.

You are very conscientious and highly principled, and are affronted when nobody cares. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, are well organized and orderly, and want everybody to know it.

Your SECRET JOYS include catching people in compromising situations and scolding children for their table manners. You thrill to the idea of getting very close to trouble but being virtuous enough to avoid it.

Some of your SECRET FEARS are that someone may notice you're wearing dirty underwear, or that you forget an appointment, get spinach stuck to your teeth, or get caught out as a hypocrite.

Under STRESS you begin to move toward Enneagram Type 4, the ARTIST. Here you make everyone miserable with your criticism and carping and whining about how you suffer from the purity of your sensibility and the refinement of your tastes. People will secretly hope that you commit suicide, and you will feel entirely gratified by denying them that satisfaction.

When you are AT YOUR BEST you begin to move toward Enneagram Type 7, the ENTHUSIAST, where you nurture the purest, most admirable qualities of your personality, such as your boundless optimism, perfect breeding, and courageous tolerance of others. At these times you enjoy gathering in the company of those with exactly the same attributes: this is called a Republican Convention.

What does this mean?

© 1998 Bruce MacEvoy