Your core personality is probably Enneagram Type 4, the ARTIST, also known as the VISIONARY or the SLACKER.

You are so wrapped up in your own quote sensitivity, creativity and intuition unquote that you are completely walled off from other people. You would rather stare at a painting or listen to music than deal with reality. You retreat inside your imagination not because it is profound, but because it's never challenging.

Your SECRET JOYS include showing your independence by acting in ways that other people would consider utterly stupid, and expressing your individuality over and over and over and over -- until you are up to your ears in your own unique personal individual rut.

Some of your SECRET FEARS are that people will just get bored with you, that you will end up with a job in an insurance company or bank, that you will actually have to work hard on a regular basis, or that you will get so depressed with your inadequacies that you will kill yourself. No loss to the world if you do.

Under STRESS you begin to move toward Enneagram Type 2, the HELPER. This could lead you to barter your body or your self-respect -- under the guise of expressing your independence or tasting a forbidden love -- to get a feeble semblance of intimacy.

AT YOUR BEST you begin to move toward Enneagram Type 1, the IDEALIST. You think of yourself as a work of art, develop intricate exegetical accounts of your life history, expound Your View of You to whoever will sit still for it, and singlehandedly put one or two therapists into wealthy retirement.

What does this mean?

© 1998 Bruce MacEvoy