c a d m i u m   k i t t y
l a s t n e x t
sometimes (my wife insists it's the drugs) i let a painting go in the direction of freehand paint splatter — anything except neat drawing, crisp edges and smooth glazes. these are paintings in the spirit of cadmium kitty. because our siamese (i call him shit-for-brains) ran outside when it was a beautiful warm afternoon and yowled and rolled around on the patio and all, i made a quick sketch of him looking very contented. it looked like he had a cadmium tail, only a cat with a cadmium tail could be that happy, so that's what i painted. while i painted it i kept saying, "there's a good kitty" like an idiot.
Last revised 08.01.2005 • © 2005 Bruce MacEvoy