e v e n i n g   l a n d s c a p e   i n   t h e  
m a r k   b r a n d e n b e r g

(copy and original) 
l a s t n e x t
somewhere around this time i began copying paintings from magazines or books that struck me as interesting — not because i knew that the old masters and school painters copied paintings, but because my reaction to them was, i wonder if i can do that? one such is this landscape by the 19th century artist walter leistikow, with a nostalgic light that intrigued me. these copies are like stories that you hear and then must repeat; some details get distorted and you add your own stuff that wasn't in the original. looking at the copy and original side by side, i discovered where i still had to learn, or see better, and where i had esthetic preferences i wasn't aware of yet.
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